FSCJ Fall Enrollment



Increasing FSCJ's
Enrollment  Experience


The Problem

Florida State College at Jacksonville's enrollment numbers were down. The current online enrollment process was not user friendly or personal and the site was not built responsive for mobile devices.

The Team

I served many roles (Creative Director, UX/UI Designer/Architect & Visual Designer) on this project with a team of front and back-end developers and marketing managers.



  1. The current site was not designed responsive. 
  2. Simultaneously, a new site was being developed for FSCJ.


The microsite also had to house 4 highlighted programs directed by the stakeholders - which makes things complicated and could dilute the message. The board requested we use the Imagine You campaign from Spring but tweak look to remove the aspirational "closed eyes" (which was kind of the a main component of the concept) and use the color palette from site that was being developed. 


During our testing, we found that on the mobile version, the spotlight programs needed to be eliminated. We were limited to one url so traditional media like billboards, bus, direct mail, radio and print ads would need to experience a "general persona" that could pertain to anyone. 


Traffic converted from the microsite to the main site "apply now" increased by 38% over last fall and conversion to enrollment increased by 16%. The 4 highlighted programs also generated more traffic to the main site and converted to applications and successful enrollment as well.


research - 4 marketing personas were established

  1. High-school students still deciding which college to attend.
  2. First-generation students who would be the first in their family to enter college.
  3. Working adults looking to change their career path or gain additional skills.
  4. Military Veterans obtaining a degree in a civilian career.

How would these personas work?

By using paid digital ads, the provider's analytics would push the appropriate ad to the user that would most likely hit their persona. When the user clicks the ad, they will be taken to the microsite populated with same persona to create a seamless and personalized experience.


NEW! First time using Paid Social Media Ads (Facebook, Linkedin, etc.)

Looking for opportunities that would result in a return on investment, I met with the Marketing Managers and suggested we tap into social media channels and use paid ads that would create a holistic user experience via  our established personas. Prior campaigns simply pushed ads via the FSCJ Facebook page and only spoke to those following the college that were existing students.

Facebook carousel approach

Took advantage of the new carousel ad feature which allowed us to further that user experience


Imagine You campaign Video aired on the Local News station  


Program Spotlight Video for the Business Program

Video captured over 67K plays